Positively pregnant

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Dear reader,

you’re pregnant and HIV positive. It is important that you take good care of yourself from the beginning of your pregnancy to make sure you stay healthy and your child doesn’t get infected with HIV. This booklet will provide you with the necessary information.

You are not alone! If you have any questions and need advice – for example regarding social benefits, medical care, right of residence, preparing for delivery, midwife support, childcare or rehabilitation – or if you would like to get to know other mothers with HIV: the local AIDS Service Organisations (“Aidshilfe”) will be happy to help you. They can also point out doctors specialised in working with HIV positive patients or counselling centres, e.g. if you are not sure whether you want to keep the child or not.

The AIDS Service Organisations will also provide information on financial support options. Their contact info is available in the telephone book or online at www.aidshilfe.de/aidshilfen.

The Deutsche Aidshilfe (DAH) will also refer you to service organisations in your area (telephone: 030-69 00 87-0).