Protection measures for your child

“Will my child be healthy?” This question will be of particular concern to you. You should know this: under optimal conditions, the risk of HIV transmission during pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding is less than 1 %. Without measures to protect the child, the risk of transmission is about 20 % in Germany.

Your child can be protected from becoming infected with HIV…

  • if your gynaecologist and your HIV physician examine you on a regular basis,
  • if you are taking HIV medication during pregnancy,
  • if a medical team that is experienced in HIV is present during the delivery.

If your HIV treatment is working well, giving birth by vaginal delivery under close medical supervision is possible, as is breastfeeding. If you haven’t been taking the medication for long or if it is not working well, you can protect your child from becoming infected with HIV with a Cesarean section and by not breastfeeding.

Under ideal conditions, it will not be necessary for your child to undergo preventive treatment with HIV medication. However, if it becomes necessary, the baby will be treated for two to six weeks.

Your doctor will talk you through the details and the decisions that have to be made. And if there is something you don’t understand: please don’t hesitate to ask!